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Vertical Glass Washing Machine

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JFK-1120 Glass bending and fusing machine
The Max.Width of procesing glass  1100*2000mm
The bending depth 400mm
The Power 18kw
Weight 600kgs
The size 1400*2400mm


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JFK glass working kiln adopts automatic thermostat to control heating temperature during bending,fusing,melting & slumping procedure,which keeps heating steady and noiseless.

The kiln over is easy to open and close by installation of fluid basin,the size of kiln can be modified according to customer's special requirements.Also extra trolley's can be supplied on order. 


* the temempring room save the general type 1/3 .electricity

* Made the products capacity 3 times as the general one.

* Use the high technique

* Has the good reputation from customer.

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