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Vertical Glass Washing Machine

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JFE-1838 5 Layers Glass Laminating furance with PLC

1.  5 Layers 

2.  380V/50HZ 

3. Heating way:Stainless steel heating tube, horizontal air circulation heating
4. Vacuum pump:20L/H*2 pieces 

5. Fan:8sets,0.75KW/Each

6.Heating pipe:24 rolls 

7. Bedstead:50*50*2.75mm,square tube 

8. Electric box:Three-stage heating, traditional button electric box
9. Spin:Not split

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This machine can produce EVA film laminated glass. It has five layers with five silica bags,  It can produce various of craft glass etc. It has simple operation, hith effciency and energy saving. It has 5 layers type with silicon bags,this machine can produce various of craft glass,construction laminated glass and bulletproof glass etc.


JFE-1838 CE Stardand EVA film Glass laminating machine & furnace 


* Simple operation

* High efficiency
* Energy saving

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