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Máquina de produção principal: séries de forno de têmpera, moedor de borda de face única e dupla face de vidro, forno de dobra de vidro, máquina de lavar roupa, máquina de perfuração, série de máquina de jateamento de areia, etc.

    Certified with European CE and China official patent for design & invention, Honger experienced in-house engineers are standing by to build customized proposal to realize customer target in terms of productivity, flexibility and investment payback.


    Youyi is continuously growing to affirm innovative solutions and managing to foresee the emergent demands of the markets, which has made Youyi be able to guarantee a high return and full capacity utilization of your press


    Youyi insists on complete quality control from raw material processing to machine assembly parts then to a whole machine working system.
    The customer service not only involves in the process of selling and the short installation but also accompanies your complete production enduringly.

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Global Jinfeng Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Cidade de Foshan Global Jinfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. está localizado na cidade de Lunjiao, distrito de Shunde, cidade de Foshan, província de Guangdong, China.

Somos especializados na produção de máquina de processamento de vidro profundo, para fornecer aos clientes uma solução profissional de equipamentos one-stop.

Máquina de produção principal: série de forno de têmpera, vidro de face única e frente e verso moedor de borda, forno de dobra de vidro, máquina de lavar roupa, máquina de perfuração,
série da máquina de sopro de areia, etc.

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Já tem a certificação de segurança europeia CE
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    In an excess capacity, serious homogeneity and pure Moore's law gradually cannot meet the internal demand of era, people are try very hard to tell a story, and let the product or service, one of the "feelings" landing weight is design of the good and not abrupt.
  • 2015-05-23
    Now, China's entrepreneurial market hot anomaly - probably all agree that.
  • 2015-05-23
    AeroMobil flying cars at an airport in the slovak republic testing crash accident, fortunately, the pilot ejected, even though the company claims the accident helps them improve AeroMobil3.0 prototype, however, and the dream of flying cars launched in 2017 is likely to be delayed
  • 2015-05-23
    A series of lead baidu chose to open source the depth of machine learning platform, why clarificaiton will own the core technology? Careful comparison, it is helpless in the face of the industry of foresight