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Glass glazing robot
1.Safe Load Capacity:500KG
2.Number and Size of Pads:8/ 250mm dia.
3.Pads Description:Black rubber, abrasion resistant,
4. Product Weight:1000kg
5.Product size:2750mmx1520mmx180mm
6.Min. Glass Size:1100x700mm
7.Max. Glass Size:3600x2400mm
8.Battery Specs.:200Ah (24V)*4 pcs
9.Batter Charge:110V~ 240V, 50/60Hz
10.Noise Level:less than 60DB
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Hydraulic tilt 180° upwards and downwards with stopping at any position.

Electric motorized rotation 360° with stopping at any position.

Electric head slew left & right 90°with stopping at any position.

Hydraulic lift up and down up to 4000mm.

Hydraulic extend the lifting arm to 1000mm.

Electric motor car, control by steering wheel

Hydraulic move left & right 90°

Recharge when electricity power less than 30%

Material properties: Gastight/ non-porous, smooth surface
Example: flat glass, building glass, various kinds of processing glass and special glass.

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