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Vertical Glass Washing Machine

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JFC-1310 Fully automatic glass cutting machine
cutting glass 1200*900mm
glass thickness  0.4-8mm
the precison ±10mm/m
power 1.1kw
dimension 1530*1350*1300mm
Weight 550kgs
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* The whole machine design beautiful,generous,crisp lines, is the prefered product decoration glass ,special glass,electronic glass , household glass,glass deep processing enterprises. The advantages you can cut any shape out of the glass and high precision.

* The machine can widly use for arts and crafts glass, automative glass,mirror glass,touch all kinds of special-shaped glass cutting. The size can be customized according to customer requirements.

* Linear glass, glass of this series of special-shaped precision cutting machine can cut a variety of specifications.The equipment adopts imported servo motor advanced, make the equipment running precision and reliable ,adjust and change the size of convenient,fast and suitable for the varieties,specifications are subject to change user.    


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