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Vertical Glass Washing Machine

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JFD-18 Glass double side grinding machine
Processing speed 0.5-8m/min Total power 44kw Gross weight 7000kg Glass processing thickness 3-25mm Occupation area (L x W x H) 2500* 1750*1900 mm
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This glass double edging machine series with 18 grinding head design configuration 50mm wide conveyor belt, the minimum size of conventional glass processing 180*180mm,the thinnest glass 2mm( depending on the thickness and grinding processing requirements depending on the quality).aircraft structure is advanced,precision parets,assembly workmanship,accessories,high quality,stable performance,high quality,easy operateion and maintance,processing glass right angle error less than 0.5mm,the parallel error within 0.1mm chamfer uniform size,angular,polished bright and clear and thorough,non-white side,no chipping,no rounded edges and other phenomen,the effect is very stable and suitable for processing all types of high -end architectural glass products,glass and electrical.
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