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JF4028 Full automatic computer CNC glass cutting line
Performance Characteristics Automatic glass cutting line is included with three equipment: glass loading machine,glass cutting machine,and pneumatically glass breaking table.Controlled with a commercially PC,all three machines are worked together automatically in high speed and high precision. Workflow After starting the inputting machine,arms automatically suck glass from the shelf.Under sensor controlled,glass automatically find edge in the X and Y directions.After moving to the designed location,transport glass to the CNC cutting machine.Under laser sensory element guidance,use laser-reader to get the position of the glass-sheet.Cutter will move to coordinate origin,and automatically start to cut according to the preinstall graph.After cutting,glass will move to the breaking table.Start break bars and to break the glass.At this point,whole process work was completed.
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Advantages 1.Save labor costs: It can reduce the labor above 60%,realizing the loading and cutting automatically,improve production safety and reduce labor costs. 2.Save raw material costs:use the optimize software and glass cutting plan.And the software optimized over 97% Scientific,reasonable and high cutting rate. 3.Save time costs:Three axis automatic cutting,the Max cutting speed is 130m/min,it can cut any shape glass,improve the work efficiency.The efficiency is four times above than Manual. 4.Save training costs: The intelligence operations,without professional training operators. 5.Promote the enterprise competitiveness:high precision and high efficiency for cutting,provide customers with high quality products,the enterprise competitive.
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