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Vertical Glass Washing Machine

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JFDS 2600 Horizontal automatic glass sandblasting machine
Transmission speed 0.1-0.8M/min
The width of the largest   2500mm
Total power 7.5kw
Efficiency 90.0 m²/h
Weight 2200kgs
Dimensions 4210x3450x1850mm


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This machine blow sand approach to the design,automatic sand processing and the adoidance of air compressor equipment.

*The machine blow sand approach the design,automatic sand processing and the avoidace of air compressor equipment,energy saving and environmental protection.

*Sand production capacity of fine-tuning,processing on the surface of uniform,processing speed.

*Stepless speed conveyor speed control mining,moving speed can be micro-adjusted.

*Applicable for large glass,acrylic plate automatic sand.

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