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Introduction of glass sandblasting machine

Working principle

Due to the impact of sand particles on the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece gets a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness, and the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface are improved. Therefore, the fatigue resistance of the workpiece is improved, the adhesion between the workpiece and the coating is increased, the durability of the coating is prolonged, and it is also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the coating, and the impurities, variegated colors and oxide layer on the surface are improved At the same time, the surface of the medium is coarsened, the residual stress on the surface of the substrate and the effect of improving the surface hardness of the substrate are eliminated.

Application scope

This product can be used for marble, stainless steel and glass carving. The basic procedure is as follows:

1. Use the engraving machine to engrave the sandblasting protection paper with the figure or character you want

2. Attach the protective paper to the glass or marble

3. Use sandblasting machine to spray

4. Tear off the protective paper

5. Display the beautiful patterns you need

Product advantage

1. High efficiency: a glass sandblasting machine can handle the sandblasting amount equivalent to 80-100 skilled workers every day.

2. Low cost: the use of glass sandblasting machine can significantly reduce production costs, such as saving sandblasting, management, raw materials, mold costs and plant floor space.

3. High quality: the glass sandblasting machine can remove the product burr perfectly according to the production requirements, and can handle some special structures that cannot be handled manually without damage to the product.

Features of glass sandblasting machine

1. Simple operation: ordinary workers can operate the machine skillfully after half an hour of training, and have advanced automatic control system to prevent workers from misoperation.

2. High production efficiency: the average daily processing capacity of a frozen sand blasting machine is equivalent to the sand blasting workload of 50-80 skilled workers.

3. High precision of sandblasting: it can remove tiny and hidden flash, not limited by product shape, with high qualification rate and stable sandblasting quality.

4. It can remove complicated structure: small rubber and plastic alloy products of any shape, brittle plastic products and flash of magnesium alloy, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy castings.

5. No damage to the product surface: improve the product appearance quality and increase the service life of the product.

6. Less floor space: only 10 square meters is needed for a glass sandblasting machine plus auxiliary equipment.

Operating procedures

Sandblasting machine is a kind of high cost-effective casting cleaning equipment with the highest modern efficiency and less investment. Sandblasting machine is usually used to remove rust and rust from the surface of corrosive materials or workpieces, and to remove oxide skin of non rusty metals. In daily work, sand blasting machine operating procedures are directly related to the safety of production.

Sand blasting machine safety operation procedures:

1. The air tank, pressure gauge and safety valve of the sandblasting machine shall be calibrated regularly. The dust is discharged from the air tank once every two weeks, and the filter in the sand tank is checked once a month.

2. Check whether the ventilation pipe and door of the sandblasting machine are sealed. Five minutes before work, the ventilation and dust removal equipment must be started. When the ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, the sandblasting machine is forbidden to work.

3. Wear protective equipment before work, and do not operate sandblasting machine with bare arms.

4. The compressed air valve of sandblasting machine shall be opened slowly, and the air pressure shall not exceed 0.8MPa.

5. The grit size of sand blasting shall meet the working requirements, generally between No. 10 and No. 20, and the sand shall be kept dry.

6. When the sandblasting machine is working, it is forbidden for irrelevant personnel to approach. When cleaning and adjusting the running parts, stop the machine.

7. It is not allowed to blow dust on the body with compressed air of sandblasting machine.

8. After the completion of the work, the ventilation and dust removal equipment of the sand blasting machine shall continue to operate for five minutes and then be closed to discharge the indoor dust and keep the site clean.

9. In case of personal and equipment accidents, the site shall be kept and reported to relevant departments.

Equipment use

Glass sandblasting equipment has been widely used in marble, stainless steel, glass carving and many other fields. Glass sandblasting equipment, as a kind of conventional sand processing equipment, has been developed, improved and perfected continuously. It has a unique processing mechanism and a wide range of processing and application. Sandblasting equipment is more and more popular in today's surface treatment industry

Device function

1. Sandblasting equipment is used for cleaning the workpiece surface

Sandblasting equipment can be used to treat the rust layer of metal, residual salt and oxide layer on the surface of heat-treated parts, oxide layer on the surface of rolled parts, oxide layer on the surface of forging parts, oxide layer on the surface of welding parts, sand and oxide layer on the surface of casting, residual dirt and micro burrs on the surface of machining parts, and the surface of used parts, etc., so as to remove the surface adhesion layer and reveal the true color of the substrate.

1. Sandblasting equipment is used for pretreatment of workpiece surface before coating

2. Sandblasting equipment can change the physical and mechanical properties of workpiece

3. Sandblasting equipment is used for the surface finishing of workpieces

4. The metal parts of sandblasting equipment shall not be damaged basically, and the dimensional accuracy shall not be changed;

5. The surface of the parts shall not be polluted, and the abrasive shall not react with the material of the parts;

6. The sandblasting equipment can easily handle the groove, concave and other hard to contact parts, and various abrasive particles can be selected for use;

7. The treatment cost is greatly reduced, which is mainly reflected in the improvement of working efficiency of sand blasting equipment, which can meet various surface finishing requirements;

8. Low energy consumption and low cost;

9. Sandblasting equipment does not pollute the environment, saving the cost of environmental treatment

fault analysis

Glass sandblasting machine is a kind of common casting mechanical equipment. With the wide application of sandblasting machine, some operators who have trouble with sandblasting machine will not be able to continue to use the sandblasting machine if they do not eliminate the trouble in time. Let's take a look at the common failures of sandblasting machine.

Fault phenomenon

No compressed air, no abrasive

Possible causes: 1. Compressed air is not turned on

2. Setting pressure of pressure regulating valve is too low

3. The foot switch is not adjusted properly or damaged

4. Sandblasting or abrasive valve blockage

5. Safety gas path is cut off

6. The main pressure regulating valve of sandblasting machine is broken

7. The pressure regulating valve for control is broken

Elimination method

1. Turn on the air source

2. Adjust the pressure above 0.5MPa

3. Adjust or replace the foot switch

4. Clean nozzle or abrasive valve or reassemble

5. Check the valve on the safety gas path

6. Check the main pressure regulating valve of sandblasting machine

7. Check the control valve of sandblasting machine

(2) sandblasting machine failure: good sand enters the dust bag

Possible causes: 1. The gap of the new dust bag is large

2. Too fine sand

Troubleshooting: 1. It can be removed after 8 hours of general use

2. Use coarse sand

(3) sand blasting machine failure: sand leakage

Possible cause: the vacuum bag has holes or is not clamped

Troubleshooting: replace the dust bag and clamp it again

(4) sandblasting machine failure: unclear vision during sandblasting

Possible causes: 1. Clogged vacuum bag

2. The dust bag is aged and blocked

3. Too much dust in sand

4. The compressed air pressure is too high

Exclusion method: 1. Vibration blasting machine dust bag

2. Replace the dust bag of sandblasting machine

3. Replace sand

4. Reduce the pressure as recommended by the sandblasting machine