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Knowledge of glass machinery purchase! Spend less money after learning!

First of all, according to the practical product conditions, such as the processing range of glass.

Some glass factories have a variety of products that need to use glass machinery, but each glass machine is not all-around. It is constrained by its own parameters. For example, dw38nc type hydraulic glass machinery can process a large thickness of 29.1mmx1.8mm, a small glass diameter of 11.4mm; 114 type plane glass machinery can bend a large grinding of 114.3mm, a small grinding of 45.72mm! And each The price of a type of glass machinery is also different. Besides, if you choose a too large model, it will be a bit of resource waste. If you choose a too small model, you will feel the strain of a small horse pulling a big car, and then affect the service life of the machinery!

Secondly, it is necessary to determine the large glass specifications in the scale of the glass to be processed, including: 1. Glass raw materials; 2. Glass cross section; 3. Outer diameter of glass; 4. Wall thickness of glass; 5. Zigzag radius; 6. Zigzag viewpoint; 7. The manufacturer responsible for the number of formed bends will usually show a contact list of glass machinery orders, and it is basically possible to determine the type of glass machinery by filling in that table!

Therefore, in the case of zigzag small standard glass, the image of big horse pulling small car is formed; the new glass machinery adopts the combination of dual quantitative pump to supply oil, and through the pressure regulating unit, the three-stage system pressure can be completed, then the power consumption is reduced, and the total mechanical power is advanced, which is 18% more energy-saving than the original glass machinery. It is safe, reliable and easy to operate. Because the electrical control system of the old glass machinery is completely composed of relays, the electric touch is often false and the contacts are stuck in the switching process.

Thirdly, the next step is to select the model according to my purchase demand. It's usually flat glass machinery, or CNC full-automatic glass machinery!

In fact, the best way to buy glass machinery is to provide a common bending glass drawing of large glass parts, and give all of them directly to the manufacturer or office. I just need to get the quotation! This is also a common method for many companies to purchase, and also one of the energy-saving methods. In the development of glass machinery, the power source of glass machinery has been constantly improving and advancing .

In the early stage of hand bending glass materials, the primary power source is the labor force of a single or multiple operators, and the processed products are usually small glass pieces. Such processing method produces low power, poor precision and limited glass type. With the development of modern technology and the advancement of industrial level, some high-performance glass machinery, such as CNC glass machinery, three-dimensional hydraulic glass machinery and so on, are developed and discussed. There are three main driving methods of these high-level glass machinery: motor drive, hydraulic drive, motor hydraulic hybrid drive.