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"Quality + service" is the core competitiveness of glass machinery export

In the past, relying on the welfare of population and labor force, our country has gained the upper hand in bringing in and going out, especially in the field of machinery and equipment. The high price of products in Europe and America has formed a good contrast with the export price of our products, and the low price has become the biggest competitiveness of our machinery and equipment export.

However, with the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend, China's prices and labor are also gradually rising, which directly leads to the rise of costs and the disappearance of product price advantage. What's more, the technical content of products does not reach the same level of European and American products, which is the dilemma faced by China's machinery and equipment export at present.

Only with core technology can we have enough base for export to compete with European and American products. At that time, the price was secondary. As we all know, energy conservation and environmental protection are the same development direction in the world, especially the requirements for environmental protection in foreign countries will be more stringent, and enterprises have a strong sense of environmental protection, which provides a good breakthrough for the export of our products.

For example, at present, most glass processing enterprises use hydraulic water cutting machine, which has high energy consumption and the sound of bangbangbanging when using, and high scrap rate. Therefore, foreign enterprises will favor more advanced products, and Pengxiang's direct drive water cutting machine can well overcome these shortcomings. The dynamic direct drive system does not need to increase energy consumption to cool the high-pressure generator The generator is easy to use, low failure and quiet. The self-developed energy-saving pump can save half of the cost of the oil pump, which is very practical for small companies and small processing plants. Therefore, it is also favored by foreign agent Mr. James. Pengxiang is selected as its partner from many enterprises. Moreover, the cutting machine is not only limited to glass materials, ceramics, iron, plastic and other materials can also be used freely and efficiently, which can be described as one more performance, and has the opportunity to occupy one more field in the market.

On the other hand, the mechanical equipment is different from ordinary small objects, for example, the cup does not need to be repaired and maintained. If it is broken, it can be replaced. The price is not high, but the price of the mechanical equipment is high, which needs to be maintained for a long time. If there is a fault, it needs professional personnel to repair it. The enterprise sales can't go out like other items, and it's not responsible for it, especially for the export products Door inspection and maintenance is not as convenient as domestic, so both the buyer and the seller attach great importance to product quality and do not easily have quality problems. At the same time, if there is a fault, it is more necessary for the enterprise to take a good after-sales service attitude to conquer customers with a responsible image and the ability to solve problems quickly and quickly.

In the future, the growth of overseas automobile industry and construction industry will continue, and the demand for glass is still considerable, which means that glass machinery has great development potential in the export field, which requires equipment enterprises to consciously complete the transformation from product manufacturing as the core to product + service as the core.

At present, there is still a certain gap between China's machinery and European and American machinery. Mr. James suggested that China's equipment enterprises should pay attention to the improvement of quality, further improve the performance and service life of the machine, and improve the core parts of the machine. With higher quality products, more preferential prices and more professional services, we will further explore the international market.