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Failure analysis of glass machinery

During the operation of glass machinery, its internal parts have to bear many kinds of functions, such as force, heat, friction, wear and so on. With the increase of service time, its operation state is constantly changing, and some properties will gradually degenerate, resulting in the failure of parts.

This is the main reason for the failure of glass machinery and equipment. Therefore, to study the failure mechanism of parts and identify the failure mode is the main task to ensure diagnosis, and also to lay the information foundation for fault diagnosis, so as to reduce the life cycle cost of the equipment. Fault analysis is the main component of the diagnosis theory.

General failure refers to the loss or reduction of specified functions of glass machinery and equipment. The glass machinery and equipment of the enterprise are equipped to meet the production process requirements or to complete the expected functions of the project. The functions of the glass machinery and equipment reflect its existing value in production activities and the degree of guarantee for production. The failure of glass machinery and equipment will seriously affect the quantity and quality of products, so it is necessary to explore the rule of failure; manage and record the failure; analyze the failure mechanism, and take effective measures to control the failure.