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Practical application of touch screen technology in glass machinery

Industrial touch screen is an intelligent interface that connects human and machine through touch industrial display. It is an intelligent operation display terminal instead of traditional control buttons and indicator lights. It can be used to set parameters, display data, monitor the mechanical state of glass, and describe the automatic control process in the form of curve / animation. It is more convenient, faster and more expressive, and can be simplified into PLC control program. The powerful touch screen creates a friendly human-computer interface. As a special computer peripheral, touch screen is the most simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. It gives a new look to multimedia, and it is an attractive new multimedia interactive device.

The touch screen controls the process flow through the button switch or parameter setting on the external object contact panel. The operation content on the panel can be edited manually through programming software, and the completed process status can be displayed on the touch screen. Therefore, it is not only an input device, but also an output device, with flexible operation and powerful function. PLC system can be connected with touch screen only through DP network, which reduces external signal transmission lines and realizes organic integration of resources.

With the large-scale structural adjustment of the glass machinery industry in recent years, the glass machinery of a glass machinery factory has also been transformed as a whole, which optimizes the process, reduces the labor intensity and beautifies the operating environment. Especially, once the previous operation mode is changed, the new touch system is used to replace the old button or indicator light, and the process flow is optimized to reduce the electrical equipment The number greatly reduces the failure rate of glass machinery and ensures the stable production of glass machinery. The touch screen system is mainly used in the heating furnace, finishing mill, straightening, finishing line and other operating platforms of Jigang middle plate glass machinery plant. At present, the touch screen system has been used in the production line for one and a half years, with very strong stability, without any crash or control failure, and the operator's operation is centralized and simple.