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Hot Sale Belt For Glass Double Edging Machine Stainless Steel Automatic Glass Edger Machine
Glass Straight Line Double Edging production line is grouped with 2 double edging machines, 1 turning table. It is economic,efficient, practical and reliable, which is researched & developed independently by Sunkon company. Suitable for construction andother type of flat glass processing.
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■ Installed with excellent linear guide and screw mandrels which ensures the processing precision. Bracket of movable side system is W frame design, which increases the accuracy of movements and the degree of stability; also it can extend the life time of the linear rack ■ All-in-one structure for machine and circuit box is good for waterproof, space saving and convenient for operation. ■ Position corrected device has been added on the machine, which solves the deviate problem of small glass, and truly realize intelligent operation of connected machines when transferring glass. ■ PLC control with touch screen, the data setting and the grinding status of glass can be showed on the controlling center. Processing width, thickness, and lifting of upper arris are adjusted automatically. Totally 12 spindles, 6 spindles per side.
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